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Schools in Upper Austria

Schools not only seek to impart knowledge and skills to students but also strive to guide them in their personal development. This means that pupils develop their individual characters and learn to act according to ethical standards.

Schools are dependent entities; they report to the bodies that fund them.
For this reason, public schools (financed by the state, the province or the municipality) and private schools must be distinguished.

Further information on the various school types and educational offers (all links in German):

  • Primary schools
    Primary school comprises the primary level I (preparatory level, first and second grade) and the primary level II (third and fourth grade), and, if required, a secondary level.
  • General secondary school
    The general secondary school starts after the four grades of primary school have been completed and seeks to impart a general education basis to students within four years.
  • Pre-vocational schools
    A pre-vocational school is attended by students who have completed the eighth grade and comprises one level. Its aim is to prepare students for their future professional life and convey a basis of general education to them.
  • Special needs schools
    Various types of special needs schools provide adequate learning opportunities to children with physical or mental disabilities.
  • Part-time vocational schools
    Part-time vocational schools impart basic theoretical knowledge to apprentices in addition to their practical apprenticeship training. Teenagers in Austria interested in an apprenticeship can choose from overall 250 professions.
  • Upper secondary level
    Information on academic secondary schools, secondary technical and vocational schools and colleges for higher vocational education
  • Post-secondary colleges
    See here for an overview of post-secondary colleges for health professions.
  • University colleges of teacher education
    The former teacher-education colleges acquired university status on 1 October 2007.
  • Other school types
    See here for information on the "Altenbetreuungsschule des Landes OÖ" (elder care school of the province of Upper Austria), music schools and the outdoor forest schools of the province of Upper Austria.
  • Care and health professions in elderly care
    Information about professions in elderly care (health and nursing professions with diploma, skilled elder care staff and assistants in elder care)
  • Agricultural education
    Information on agricultural education

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