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University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna


"œResponsible teaching, visionary research and ambitious healing"

The University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna is the only academic educational and research institution for veterinary medicine in Austria. Its goals include safeguarding animal health by providing excellent education and being in the vanguard of veterinary medical research and scientific services.
The research areas of the University are highly relevant for society at large and encompass topics ranging from animal health and preventive veterinary medicine to public health and food safety. The scientific foundations of animal welfare and their importance for animal husbandry, animal protection and animal ethics are analysed at the University.
The animal hospital with its university clinics is a teaching hospital for students, accepts referrals from veterinary practices and also welcomes animal owners 24 hours a day, all year round. Out- and inpatient as well as intensive care are based on the current state of scientific knowledge. Insights gained through research are directly applied for the benefit of the animal patients and incorporated in the clinical training of the future veterinarians.

Contact persons:

Karin Schwertner: Staff and Infrastructure Management
karin.schwertner(at), +43 (0)1 250 77 - 1009

Sabine Trost: Staff Development
sabine.trost(at), +43 (0)1 250 77 - 1041