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Network & cooperations


Vienna Science and Technology Fund (WWTF)


The Vienna Science and Technology Fund is a private non-profit organisation established to promote science and research in Vienna. It aims to strengthen the research location in selected focus areas. Due to its outstanding regional network, its profound knowledge of the local research landscape and its well-established advisory and evaluation processes, it is able to offer an independent, clearly structured and low-threshold Dual Career Service Support (DCSS,

Further dual career networks

Dual Career Service Salzburg–Upper Austria–Tyrol

Dual Career Service at Styria - Carinthia


In June 2010, the five universities in Styria were the first in Austria to sign a letter of intent regarding dual career services. Their goal has been and is to cooperate in furthering dual careers of professors, young researchers, artists and managers. At the same time, they seek to create and most beneficially use synergies. The Styrian university network also aims at reaching the following goals:

  • improving the compatibility of family, relationships and career,
  • highlighting the universities as attractive employers in the region,
  • providing mutual assistance in creating and extending the DCS network and
  • developing a network of partners within and outside the universities.

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