In the beginning of the 20th century, Marie and Pierre Curie engaged in research as a scientist couple. They are possibly the most widely known dual career couple of that time. One century later, the number of couples where both partners are highly educated and career-oriented is ever increasing.

To ensure that the region Vienna–Lower Austria–Upper Austria remains a location of excellence in research, the region’s universities, research and educational institutions have formed a network to offer dual career services, including support and advice in finding adequate jobs for highly qualified spouses and partners. Enabling networking is another declared goal of the initiative. Furthermore, the network is a point of contact when dealing with other challenges related to life in new surroundings. The Dual Career Service also offers useful information on the necessary paperwork relating to a wide array of topics, ranging from childcare to further education opportunities.

The Dual Career Service Vienna–Lower Austria–Upper Austria seeks to support couples in their career advancement and in improving the compatibility of job and family, offering them relief in demanding situations and increasing their flexibility. The Dual Career Service also helps educational and research institutions, enabling them to recruit excellent and creative researchers and highly qualified experts.

The Dual Career Service Vienna–Lower Austria–Upper Austria provides the following services to professors, postdocs and highly qualified experts:

  • Information and support in the job search
  • Individual support for you and/or your partner
  • Information and advice on many topics regarding the new living situation and life in Austria (e.g. kindergartens, schools, housing, taxes, old-age pension system)
  • Information on job applications (especially regarding appointment procedures pursuant to article 98 of the 2002 Universities Act)
  • Close cooperation with welcoming and family-support services at the universities
  • Support in kindergarten placement at the universities
  • Contacts to cooperation partners